No. 16 W&L Women's Tennis Posts a 9-0 Victory over No. 27 Whitman

No. 16 W&L Women's Tennis Posts a 9-0 Victory over No. 27 Whitman

LEXINGTON, Va. – The 16th-ranked Washington and Lee women's tennis team posted a 9-0 triumph over 27th-ranked Whitman College on Wednesday afternoon at the Duchossois Tennis Center.

The Generals swept all three doubles matches to take a 3-0 lead into singles action, where it went on to claim all six of the singles matches to reach the final margin of 9-0.

The Generals improve to 9-1 overall with the win, while the Blues fall to 8-3 overall with the loss.

W&L returns to the courts on Thursday when it hosts Trinity (Tex.) for a 4:00 pm contest.

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2016-17 W&L Women's Tennis
Whitman College vs Washington and Lee (Mar 15, 2017

#16 Washington and Lee 9, #27 Whitman College 0 Mar 15, 2017 at Lexington, Va. (Duchossois Tennis Center)

Singles competition
1. Brooke Donnelly (WLUW) def. Gu, Andrea (WCWTN) 6-1, 6-0
2. Tessa Hill (WLUW) def. Hill, Mary (WCWTN) 6-0, 6-2
3. Michelle Fleenor (WLUW) def. Wallin, Allie (WCWTN) 6-1, 6-3
4. Hannah Archer (WLUW) def. Greenberg, Hanna (WCWTN) 6-0, 6-2
5. Mary Hampton McNeal (WLUW) def. Sheng, Lori (WCWTN) 6-3, 6-2
6. Lily Horsley (WLUW) def. Gilbert, Jenna (WCWTN) 6-2, 6-0
Doubles competition
1. Brooke Donnelly/Tessa Hill (WLUW) def. Greenberg, Hanna/Hill, Mary (WCWTN) 8-1
2. Michelle Fleenor/Emily Kochard (WLUW) def. Sheng, Lori/Gu, Andrea (WCWTN) 8-2
3. Mary Hampton McNeal/Lily Horsley (WLUW) def. Gilbert, Jenna/Wallin, Allie (WCWTN) 8-3
Match Notes
Whitman College 8-3; National ranking #27
Washington and Lee 9-1; National ranking #16