ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- The Washington and Lee wrestling team ended its season by finishing fifth of seven teams at the Centennial Conference Championships on Saturday afternoon.

Ursinus took the team championship, finishing with 115.5 points, followed by Western Maryland (95.5), Muhlenberg (73), Gettysburg (53), W&L (21), Swarthmore (20), and Johns Hopkins (7.5). Josh Moyer of Ursinus was named the Most Outstanding Wrestler for the tournament.

For W&L, junior Chad Casto (Buckhannon, W.Va./Buckhannon Upsur) won the consolation final at 133 pounds by defeating Gettysburg's Chris Clemente, 8-3. In all, Casto posted a 2-1 mark in the individual tournament.

At 149 pounds, sophomore Josh Chamberlain (Richmond, Va./Mills Godwin) also won the consolation final as he pinned Western Maryland's Martin Scarpato in 1:20. Chamberlain was also 2-1 on the day.

Freshman Ezra Morse (Central Point, Ore./Crater) posted a win in the consolation finals of the 174 pound bracket, defeating Cody Brenneman of Western Maryland, 7-5. Morse was 2-1 as well.

Centennial Conference Wrestling Championships
Feb. 20, 1999
Memorial Hall, Muhlenberg College

Ursinus (U), 115.5
Western Maryland (WM), 95.5
Muhlenberg (M), 73
Gettysburg (G), 53
Washington & Lee (WL), 21
Swarthmore (S), 20
Johns Hopkins (JH), 7.5

Most Outstanding Wrestler - Josh Moyer, Ursinus

Quarterfinals: Vinny Pedalino (WM) pinned Ben Segal (WL), 1:20; Jason Flor (U) pinned Frank Yeo (S), 2:04; Semifinals: Vinny Pedalino (WM) maj. dec. Alok Moharir (JH), 10-0; Jason Flor (U) maj. dec. Bryan Johnson (M), 12-4 Consolation semifinals: Bryan Johnson (M) dec. Ben Segal (WL), 7-1; Alok Moharir (JH) dec. Frank Yeo (S), 5-3 (OT) Consolation final: Alok Moharir (JH) dec. Bryan Johnson (M), 5-3 Championship: Jason Flor (U) dec. Vinny Pedalino (WM), 10-8 (OT)

Quarterfinals: Josh Moyer (U) pinned Sam Picard (S), 1:58; Rodney Stine (WM) pinned Ryan Hutchins (M), 3:21 Semifinals: Josh Moyer (U) pinned Chris Clemente (G), 1:10; Rodney Stine (WM) pinned Chad Casto (WL), 5:50 Consolation semifinals: Chad Casto (WL) maj. dec. Sam Picard (S), 22-9; Chris Clemente (G) pinned Ryan Hutchins (M), 2:30 Consolation final: Chad Casto (WL) dec. Chris Clemente (G), 8-3 Championship: Josh Moyer (U) pinned Rodney Stine (WM), 0:46

Quarterfinals: Bill Holsinger (M) pinned Brent Keene (WL), 0:34; Pat Curry (U) dec. Mike Macey (WM), 2-1; Martin Scarpato (G) maj. dec. Cory Falgowski (JH), 13-3 Semifinals: Bill Holsinger (M) dec. Pat Curry (U), 10-3; Martin Scarpato (G) maj. dec. Adrian Wilson (S), 10-2 Consolation first round: Mike Macey (WM) pinned Brent Keene (WL), 5:50 Consolation semifinals: Adrian Wilson (S) dec. Mike Macey (WM), 3-1; Pat Curry (U) dec. Cory Falgowski (JH), 5-3 Consolation final: Pat Curry (U) def. Adrian Wilson (S) by medical forfeit Championship: Bill Holsinger (M) dec. Martin Scarpato (G), 5-2

Quarterfinals: Bob Onorato (U) maj. dec. Tim Scarpato, 12-1; Josh Chamberlain (WL) tech fall Russell Drake (WM), 6:00; Andy Faust (M) pinned William Williams (S), 1:31 Semifinals: Bob Onorato (U) pinned Scott Creamer (JH), 4:07; Andy Faust (M) pinned Josh Chamberlain (WL), 6:38 Consolation first round: Russell Drake (WM) pinned William Williams (S), 2:40 Consolation semifinals: Josh Chamberlain (WL) dec. Martin Scarpato (G), 11-4; Russell Drake (WM) pinned Scott Creamer (JH), 3:45 Consolation final: Josh Chamberlain (WL) pinned Russell Drake (WM), 1:20 Championship: Bob Onorato (U) dec. Andy Faust (M), 5-3 (OT)

Quarterfinals: Donny Asper (U) def. Ivan Zdanov (WL) by medical forfeit; Matt Helwig (G) maj. dec. Tiki Ahuja (JH), 14-5; Craig Farris (M) dec. Ben Gaines (S), 16-10 Semifinals: Donny Asper (U) maj. dec. Matt Helwig (G), 12-4; Craig Farris (M) dec. Josh Ellin (WM), 4-3 (OT) Consolation first round: Tiki Ahuja (JH) def. Ivan Zdanov (WL) by medical forfeit Consolation semifinals: Josh Ellin (WM) pinned Tiki Ahuja (JH), 1:16; Matt Helwig (G) maj. dec. Ben Gaines (S), 16-4 Consolation final: Josh Ellin (WM) dec. Matt Helwig (G), 7-5 Championship: Donny Asper (U) dec. Craig Farris (M), 4-2

Quarterfinals: Andrey Brener (WM) pinned Greg Valentine (WL), 2:55; John Degour (U) pinned Mike Halchack (JH), 4:01; Ted Chan (S) pinned Chris Beck (G), 4:15 Semifinals: Andrey Brener (WM) pinned Dan Ochoa (M), 1:41; John Degour (U) maj. dec. Ted Chan (S), 10-2 Consolation first round: Chris Beck (G) pinned Mike Halchak (JH), 4:54 Consolation semifinals: Ted Chan (S) dec. Greg Valentine (WL), 6-4; Chris Beck (G) maj. dec. Dan Ochoa (M), 13-2 Consolation final: Chris Beck (G) pinned Ted Chan (S), 1:17 Championship: Andrey Brener (WM) tech fall John Degour (U), 4:57

Quarterfinals: Nate McElhaney (U) maj. dec. Chris Alworth (G), 16-2; Cody Brenneman (WM) dec. Jose Gonzalez (JH), 9-7; Ezra Morse (WL) maj. dec. Matt Kahn (S), 12-3 Semifinals: Nate McElhaney (U) dec. Cody Brenneman (WM), 6-0; Adam Horner (M) dec. Ezra Morse (WL), 6-5 Consolation first round: Jose Gonzalez (JH) dec. Chris Alworth (G), 11-4 Consolation semifinals: Ezra Morse (WL) dec. Jose Gonzalez (JH), 4-3; Cody Brenneman (WM) pinned Matt Kahn (S), 5:11 Consolation final: Ezra Morse (WL) dec. Cody Brenneman (WM), 7-5 (OT) Championship: Nate McElhaney (U) dec. Adam Horner (M), 6-1

Quarterfinals: Keith McManimen (S) pinned Phil Amanik (JH), 4:41; Eric Trimmer (U) dec. Brad Baker (G), 10-8; Charlie Conaway (WM) pinned Leigh Steele (M), 6:26 Semifinals: Eric Trimmer (U) dec. Keith McManimen (S), 7-3; Charlie Conaway (WM) pinned Alex McManimen (WL), 4:00 Consolation first round: Brad Baker (G) pinned Phil Amanik (JH), 3:34 Consolation semifinals: Brad Baker (G) dec. Alex McManimen (WL), 5-4; Leigh Steele (M) def. Keith McManimen (S) by medical forfeit Consolation final: Brad Baker (G) dec. Leigh Steele (M), 11-4 Championship: Charlie Conaway (WM) dec. Eric Trimmer (U), 4-2

Quarterfinals: John Slokovitz (M) tech fall Les Fox (S), 6:04; Peter Schiavone (G) pinned Jeff Paul (WL), 6:54 Semifinals: Scott Taylor (WM) dec. John Slokovitz (M), 14-7; Peter Schiavone (G) dec. Tom Flud (U), 7-5 Consolation semifinals: Tom Flud (U) pinned Les Fox (S), 0:11; John Slokovitz (M) tech fall Jeff Paul (WL), 5:00 Consolation final: Tom Flud (U) pinned John Slokovitz (M), 0:12 Championship: Scott Taylor (WM) dec. Peter Schiavone (G), 4-3

Quarterfinals: Shawn Greene (G) pinned Marshal Sutton (WL), 0:42; Tyler Cathey (M) dec. Mark Rodkey (U), 9-2 Semifinals: Justin Pagliei (S) dec. Shawn Greene (G), 6-2; Tyler Cathey (M) pinned Josh Galemore (WM), 6:21 Consolation semifinals: Josh Galemore (WM) pinned Marshal Sutton (WL), 0:17; Mark Rodkey (U) dec. Shawn Greene (G), 4-3 Consolation final: Josh Galemore (WM) dec. Mark Rodkey (U), 7-6 Championship: Tyler Cathey (M) dec. Justin Pagliei (S), 6-2




GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- Washington and Lee's wrestling (2-7, 2-4 Centennial) team dropped three matches at the Gettysburg College Quadrangular Meet on Saturday afternoon. The Generals lost conference matches to Gettysburg, 26-17, and Muhlenberg, 33-12, and dropped a 48-3 decision to non-conference foe, Delaware Valley.

Junior 133-pounder Chad Casto (Buckhannon, W.Va./ Buckhannon Upshur) led the Generals on the day with two victories. He defeated Gettysburg's Chris Clemente, 11-2 and gained six points with a forfeit over Muhlenberg.

The Generals will next compete at the Centennial Conference Championships to be held next Friday and Saturday at Muhlenberg College.


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- Sophomore Josh Chamberlain (Richmond, Va./ Mills Godwin) reached the finals of the 149-pound weight class bracket at the Newport News Apprentice School Invitational Tournament, finishing in second place. The finish was the highest of any Washington and Lee participants.

Chamberlain defeated North Carolina-Pembroke's Trey Brown, 14-2, before falling to LongwoodUs Jeff Kepler 13-9 in the championship match.

Ezra Morse (Central Point, Ore./ Crater), a 174-pounder won his first round match against Newport News Apprentice's Ian Frost, by pinning him 2:50 into the match. Morse was defeated by North Carolina-Pembroke's Bill Atmore, 11-0 in the semifinals. Alex McManimen (Rosemont, Pa./ Radnor) reached the semifinals of the 184-pound bracket by beating Chris McNally of Western Maryland, 10-7. He then was pinned the next round by Anderson's Ryan Hardy in 5:33.

The Generals return to action next Saturday, when they travel to Gettysburg, Pa., to take part in the Gettysburg Quadrangular.


SWARTHMORE, Pa. -- The Washington and Lee University wrestling team posted a 1-2 record at the Swarthmore College Quadrangular meet on Saturday afternoon, defeating Swarthmore, 22-19 and dropping decisions to Ursinus, 36-6, and Western Maryland, 41-7.

Leading the way individually for the Generals was sophomore 149-pounder Josh Chamberlain (Richmond, Va./Mills Godwin), who posted a 3-0 mark on the day. Chamberlain defeated Ursinus' John DeGour (5-3), Swarthmore's Will Williams (fall 1:24), and Western Maryland's Russel Drake (21-9).

Also posting winning records on the day were junior captain Alex McMainimen (Rosemont, Pa./Radnor), who was 2-0 at 184 pounds and freshman 174-pounder Ezra Morse (Central Point, Ore./Crater), who was 2-1.

McManimen defeated Ursinus' Eric Trimmer (3-1) and Swarthmore's Les Fox (fall 1:01). Morse defeated Swarthmore's Matt Kahn (7-3) and Western Maryland's Cody Breneman (3-0) and was defeated by Ursinus' Nate McElhaney (3-2).

The Generals are now 2-4 overall and 2-2 in the Centennial Conference. They will be in action again on Sat., Feb. 6, when they travel to Newport News Apprentice for a 8:00 am meet with the Builders.

W&L's Results

Ursinus 36, W&L 6
125 - Kevin Greco d. Ben Segal, 5-0
133 - Josh Moyer forfeit
141 - Pat Curry d. Brent Keene, 4:19
149 - Josh Chamberlain d. John DeGour, 5-3
157 - Donny Asper d. Ivan Zdanov, 8-3
165 - Brent Dodulik d. Greg Valentine, 1:32
174 - Nate McElhaney d. Ezra Morse, 3-2
184 - Alex McManimen d. Eric Trimmer, 3-1
197 - Tom Flud d. John Valentine, 1:42
Hwt. - Mark Rodkey d. Nick Cimino, 9-4

W&L 22, Swarthmore 19
125 - Ben Segal d. Frank Yeo, 5-5 RO
133 - Chad Casto d. Sam Picard, 16-5
141 - Adrian Wilson d. Brent Keene, 5-2
149 - Josh Chamberlain d. Will Williams, 1:24
157 - Ben Gaines d. Ivan Zdanov, 7-5
165 - Ted Chan d. Greg Valentine, 9-4
174 - Ezra Morse d. Matt Kahn, 7-3
184 - Alex McManimen d. Les Fox, 1:01
197 - Keith McManimen d. John Valentine, 10-2
Hwt. - Justin Pagliei d. Nick Cimino, 3:44

Western Maryland 41, W&L 7
125 - Matt Lister d. Ben Segal, 4-0
133 - Rodney Stine Forfeit
141 - Forfeit
149 - Josh Chamberlain d. Russell Drake, 21-9
157 - Josh Ellin d. Ivan Zdanov, 10-4
165 - Andrey Brener d. Greg Valentine, 2:34
174 - Ezra Morse d. Cody Breneman, 3-0
184 - Chris McNally d. John Valentine, 3:06
197 - Scott Taylor Forfeit
Hwt. - Josh Galemore d. Nick Cimino, 1:45





LEXINGTON, VA -- The Washington and Lee University wrestling team placed sixth of eight teams in the W&L Invitational on Saturday afternoon in the Warner Center.

Leading the way individually for the Generals was junior Chad Casto (Buckhannon, W.Va./Buckhannon-Upsur), who was the runner-up in the 133-pound bracket. After a first round bye, Casto defeated Davidson's Dan Carman 13-5 in the second round before losing to Scranton's John Cavey in the finals, 5-1.

Sophomore Jeff Paul (Towson, md./Towson) also produced a second place finish, his coming in the 197-pound bracket. Paul began by defeating Judah Keenan of Pensacola Christian, 10-3, then pinned Doug Norris of Longwood in just 29 seconds. In the finals, Tony Booth of Washington and Jefferson emerged victorious, downing Paul, 10-5.

Freshman Ezra Morse (Central Point, Ore./Crater) took home third place in the 174-pound bracket for the Generals. Morse defeated Davidson's Jeff Bender 12-0 in the first round before suffering an 8-3 defeat to Longwood's Kamel Chantal in the second round . Morse then advanced by sophomore teammate John Valentine (Pittsburgh, Pa./Woodland Hills) by default and then defeated Davidson's Justin Perkinson 3-2 in the consolation round to earn the third place finish.

Washington and Jefferson took home top team honors and Scranton's Mike Grandchamp was named Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament. W&L will be in action again on Sat., Jan. 30 at 11:00 am when it travels to Swarthmore for the Swarthmore Quadrangular.

W&L's Results
133 lbs.
Chad Casto d. Dan Carman (Davidson), 13-5
John Carvey (Scranton) d. Chad Casto, 5-1

149 lbs.
Josh Chamberlain d. Justin Bellman (Valley Forge), Fall 3:28
Anthony Albert (Davidson) d. Josh Chamberlain, 5-4
Josh Chamberlain d. Russ LeFrance (Scranton), Fall 1:30
Justin Bellman (Valley Forge) d. Josh Chamberlain, 5-0

157 lbs.
Ian Kaplan (Davidson) d. James McKnight, Fall 0:25
Kevin Murray (Scranton) d. James McKnight, Fall 1:04
Mike Lynch (Scranton) d. Ivan Zdanov, Inj. Def.
Ryan Phelps (Pensacola Christian) d. Ivan Zdanov, Inj. Def.

165 lbs.
Mike Grandchamp (Scranton) d. Greg Valentine, Fall 0:51
Greg Valentine d. Dennis James (Valley Forge), 4-2
Beau Dickerson (Longwood) d. Greg Valentine, 9-3
Dusty Werner (Pensacola Christian) d. Dan Comer, Tech. Fall 6:02
Dan Comer d. Rayson Ashton (Gallaudet), 14-8
Alan Roe (Davidson) d. Dan Comer, DQ

174 lbs.
Mike Mason (W&J) d. John Valentine, Fall 2:05
John Valentine d. Max Ivankov, Fall 4:21
Ezra Morse d. Ezra Morse, Def.
Justin Perkinson (Davidson) d. Max Ivankov, Fall 5:38
Ezra Morse d. Jeff Bender (Davidson), 12-0
Kamel Chantal (Longwood) d. Ezra Morse, 8-3
Ezra Morse def. Justin Perkinson (Davidson), 3-2

184 lbs.
Alex McManimen d. Bill Ayrnes (Valley Forge), Fall 0:47
Wes Koteski (W&J) d. Alex McManimen, Fall 2:52
James Shackleford (Longwood) d. Alex McManimen, Def.

197 lbs.
Jeff Paul d. Judah Keenan (Pensacola Christian), 10-3
Jeff Paul d. Doug Norris (Longwood), Fall 0:29
Tony Boone (W&J) d. Jeff Paul, 10-5

Aaron Drabkin (W&J) d. Marshall Sutton, 6-4
Vernon McNece (Gallaudet) d. Marshall Sutton, Fall 1:51





SWARTHMORE, PA -- Freshman Ivan Zdanov (Frederick, Md./ Frederick) finished in fourth place in the 157 lb. weight class on Saturday afternoon to pace the Washington and Lee wrestling team at the Swarthmore Invitational on Saturday afternoon.

Sophomore 165-pounder Greg Valentine (Pittsburgh, Pa./ Woodland Hills) reached the semifinals of his bracket after two victories. Freshman Ben Segal (Richmond, Va./ Mills Godwin) notched two wins (one in the first round and one in the wrestlebacks) at the 125 lb. tournament. He was joined in the 1-and-1 category by freshman 174-pounder Ezra Morse (Central Point, Ore./ Crater).

The Generals will hope that the Warner Center provides a home mat advantage next Saturday, when they host the W&L Invitational. Action will get on its way at 10 a.m.



LEXINGTON, Va. -- The Washington and Lee wrestling team (1-2) won one of three dual matches that they wrestled at the W&L Quadrangular Meet at Doremus Gymnasium on Saturday morning.

The Generals defeated Johns Hopkins by a 37-12 score, then lost to Davidson 32-10 and fell to Pensacola Christian, 31-21. The victory over Johns Hopkins was W&LUs first Centennial Conference victory since becoming members of the conference this season.

Against JHU, the Generals were paced by junior 133-pounder Chad Casto (Buckhannon, W.Va./ Upshur), who won two matches on the day and another by forfeit. Sophomore 174-pounder John Valentine (Pittsburgh, Pa./ Woodland Hills) won matches against JHU and Davidson. Freshman 157-pounder Ivan Zdandov (Frederick, Md./ Frederick) also looked impressive with wins against JHU and Pensacola Christian. Junior 184-pounder Alex McManimen (Rosemont, Pa./ Radnor) also had a good day with wins over JHU and Davidson opponents.

W&L will next wrestle at the Swarthmore Invitational in Swarthmore, Pa., next Saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m.

W&L 37 Johns Hopkins 12

125 lb. Alok Moharir (JHU) d. Ben Segal (W&L); 3-0
133 lb. Chad Casto (W&L) d. Tim Myers (JHU); 3-0,br> 141 lb. Cory Falgowski (JHU) wins by forfeit.
149 lb. Josh Chamberlain (W&L) d. Paul Itam (JHU); 6-0
157 lb. Ivan Zdandov (W&L) d. Tiki Ahuja (JHU); 6-0
165 lb. Jose Gonzalez (JHU) d. Greg Valentine (W&L); 2-0
174 lb. John Valentine (W&L) d. Wylie Clark (JHU); 8-2
184 lb. Alex McManimen (W&L) d. Phil Amanik (JHU); 6-0
197 lb. Jeff Paul (W&L) d. Justin Koshnover (JHU); 6-0
285 lb. Silas Morse (W&L) wins by forfeit.

Davidson 32, W&L 10

125 lb. Dan Carman (DC) d. Ben Segal (W&L); 12-3
133 lb. Chad Casto (W&L) d. Miles Cox (DC); 7-1
141 lb. Ryan Owens (DC) wins by forfeit.
149 lb. Anthony Albert (DC) d. Josh Chamberlain (W&L); 7-4
157 lb. Ian Kaplan (DC) d. Ivan Zdandov; 14-5
165 lb. Alam Roe (DC) d. Greg Valentine (W&L); 8-3
174 lb. John Valentine (W&L) d. Justin Perkinson (DC); 3-2
184 lb. Alex McManimen (W&L) d. Andre Friedman (DC); 14-4
197 lb. Jeff Storms (DC) d. Jeff Paul (W&L); 6-0
285 lb. Charles Waldron (DC) d. Silas Morse (W&L); 6-0

Pensacola Christian 31, W&L 21

125 lb. Ben Segal (W&L) wins by forfeit.
133 lb. Chad Casto (W&L) wins by forfeit.
141 lb. Trevor O'Hara (PC) wins by forfeit
149 lb. Rick Crunkilton (PC) d. Josh Chamberlain (W&L); 7-1
157 lb. Ivan Zdandov (W&L) d. Brian Phelps (PC); 12-10
165 lb. Dusty Werner (PC) d. Greg Valentine (W&L); 6-0
174 lb. Dan Comer (W&L) wins by forfeit
187 lb. Jake Stortenbecker (PC) d. John Valentine (W&L); 10-1
197 lb. Judah Keenan (PC) d. Silas Morse; 6-0
285 lb. Damian Watson (PC) d. Nick Cimino (W&L); 6-0



Annville, Pa -- Washington and Lee's wrestling team finished in 15th place out of 19 teams at the Lebanon Valley College Wrestling Tournament on Friday and Saturday.

The Generals had three wrestlers place at the tournament. Junior Chad Casto finished in sixth place in the 133-pound bracket. Casto won his first two matches, reaching the semifinal. Sophomore Josh Chamberlain finished in fourth place at the 149-pound level. He won two wrestleback matches to get to the third place match. Sophomore Greg Valentine finished in eighth place at the 165-pound level.

The Generals will host the W&L Quadrangular at Doremus Gymnasium on January 9 at 11:00 a.m.