Emory Knocks Off W&L Men's Tennis in NCAA 3rd Round, 5-0

Emory Knocks Off W&L Men's Tennis in NCAA 3rd Round, 5-0

LEXINGTON, Va. -- The 25th-ranked Washington and Lee men's tennis team saw its season come to an end in the third round of the NCAA Division III Tournament with a 5-0 loss to second-ranked Emory University on Sunday afternoon at the W&L Upper Courts.

The loss dropped W&L to 16-9 overall, while Emory improved to 16-7 for the season.  The Eagles will advance to the NCAA Division III Quarterfinals to be held on May 25 at Oberlin College.

W&L first-year Hayden White (Baltimore, Md./Towson) will continue his play for W&L after being selected to participate in the NCAA Division III Singles Championship to be held at Oberlin from May 28-30.


Washington and Lee Tennis
Emory University vs Washington and Lee (May 16, 2010)
#2 Emory University 5, #25 Washington and Lee 0
May 16, 2010 at Lexington, Va. (W&L Upper Courts)

Singles competition
1. Pottish, Dillon (EUM) def. Hayden White (W&L) 6-0, 6-0
2. Goodwin, Chris (EUM) def. Mac Davis (W&L) 6-0, 6-2
3. Jeremy Becht (W&L) vs. Simonson, Noah (EUM) 5-6, unfinished
4. Michael Freeman (W&L) vs. Egan, Colin (EUM) 4-6, 2-3, unfinished
5. Will Hall (W&L) vs. Lopp, Oliver (EUM) 5-7, 3-2, unfinished
6. Cliff Gaddy (W&L) vs. Caplan, David (EUM) 5-6, unfinished

Doubles competition
1. Jordan, Chris/Goodwin, Chris (EUM) def. Jonathan Gaffney/Alex Brooke (W&L) 8-1
2. Lopp, Oliver/Caplan, David (EUM) def. Jeremy Becht/Hayden White (W&L) 8-6
3. Redmond, Chris/Simonson, Noah (EUM) def. Mac Davis/Will Hall (W&L) 9-8 (7-4)

Match Notes
Emory University 16-7; National ranking #2
Washington and Lee 16-9; National ranking #25
Order of finish: Doubles (1,2,3); Singles (,2,1)
Third Round of the NCAA Division III Tournament
T-2:51 A-127