W&L Announces the Development of an Athletics Leadership Program

W&L Announces the Development of an Athletics Leadership Program

LEXINGTON, Va. – Washington and Lee University is pleased to announce the development of an Athletics Leadership Development Program that will teach leadership lessons and theories in order to prepare student-athletes to serve as team captains and leaders on their W&L athletic teams.

“We couldn't be more proud and excited to be launching this next level of leadership training for our student athletes at Washington and Lee,” said Director of Athletics Jan Hathorn.  “We are especially grateful to Scott and Peggy Eacho Fechnay for their vision and generosity in helping us to establish this important opportunity to train our current and future leaders about responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership and integrity.  We are confident this important instruction will serve to enhance the lives of our students, as athletes and graduates, and will bring increased honor, distinction and recognition to our already rich and proud tradition of athletics at Washington and Lee.”

The program, which began this month, targets underclass varsity athletes who are interested in taking on a leadership role within their team and the University community.  The program aims to develop the necessary skills in the early years of the collegiate experience so that the student-athletes will have developed the tools to lead their teams through their upper class years on campus.  This will also enable W&L graduates to assume leadership roles throughout their post-collegiate lives.

The program was originally created in 2002 by the athletics department and Scott Fechnay ’69, a former soccer player and member of the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame.  Fechnay believed that he would have been a better leader if he had been trained in the skills of leadership in college rather than after graduation in the Navy's Flight Program.

The program began with the establishment of a ropes course in 2002, which has recently been replaced with a new Alpine Tower, and has culminated in the development of this classroom leadership experience.  Several respected speakers will also give discussions throughout the year.  The first occurs this evening as Rob Miller of Proactive Coaching, LLC presents “Seven Ways to Lead Your Team”.

For more information about the program, those who lead it and what activities are planned for the 2013-14 school year, please visit the Athletics Leadership website at http://www.generalssports.com/information/Athletics_Leadership_Development_Program/index.

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